Authors’s team consists of experts and aficionados who live and breathe online gambling. Our goal is to provide fresh insights into online gambling for new and experienced players. We hope to create resources to help players to make the best out of their online gambling experiences - be it for casual games like fishing or classics such as poker.

We share the passion for responsible online gambling just like every other player. Hence, our content explores the every know-how of online casino games to help players hone their skills. When we aren't busy researching insights, we love to gather and play casino games for fun.

henry tan

Henry Tan

Henry Tan is an experience casino writer which started a foundation that teaches people to write catchy articles and marketing materials for free for the poor. He also has been a great teacher for those interested to start a career in writing.
peter nilson

Peter Nilson

Peter Nilsen is an professional casino writer which has written books in collaboration with many other casino guide writers such as John Grochowski, Ed Miller and Dan Harrington.
vince goh

Vince Goh

Vince Goh is the first Asian to have his writing published in Casino Life Magazine (One of the biggest casino-themed magazine in the world).
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