Online Casino vs Real Casinos: The Pros and Cons of Each

Before talk about the online casino vs real casinos, lets start with what are real casino and online casino. Real casinos are also known as the landed casinos are becoming more famous in India these days. 

Casino lovers around the world have been visiting India for the purpose of gambling. Goa especially can be depicted as the gambling haven as it houses the most landed casino in India. 

Other than the landed casino, you will also be able to find thousands and thousands of online casinos that accept players from India. These days, India is becoming more advance in the topic of online gambling, and let we talk about online casino vs real casino in India.

Online Casino vs Real Casinos: The Pros and Cons of Each

As India is becoming a famous tourist destination for gambling. Let's look at the most popular landed casinos in India so that you could put them on your next gambling tour.

  1. The ever-popular Deltin Royale Casino
  2. Casino Pride 1 & 2 is great for both exclusive and budget players
  3. Old is gold, Casino Carnival
  4. The luxurious Casino Paradise
  5. The non-stop fun, Casino Mahjong

Make sure to add these casinos to your list next time you visit India and get ready for the non-stop fun adventure.

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Pros and Cons of Online Casino vs Real Casino

Pros and Cons of Online Casino vs Real Casino

Since the emergence of technology, it is safe to say that the casino industry has climbed to new heights that we have never seen before. This industry has been blooming that it now has an estimated cost of billions and is expected to rise more. 

This bloom can be attributed to both the landed and the landed casinos. Both have their own set of advantages that you could analyze. Today, we will list down a few of the pros and cons of online casino vs real casino.

Pros of online casinos

  • The comfort
  • The bonuses and promotions offered
  • No need to socialize with anyone
  • Can play at anytime
  • No surrounding disturbance
  • Can do research anytime you are stuck in a game.

Cons of online casinos

  • You can’t socialize

  • Sometimes you lose count of the money you spend

  • You don’t get the full casino experience

Pros of real/landed casino

  • You help the economy (the tax you pay contributes to the economy)

  • You can get a real-life gaming experience

  • High chance that you will stick to your budget

  • Get to experience the real casino and its surroundings

Cons of a real/landed casino

  • You will need to travel to a casino (unless you stay really near to one, it might be difficult to get to one)

  • You would adhere to the dressing code set (a few casinos have dress codes that you need to follow to enter)

  • Less game variety

Final Thought

I hope you’ve learnt everything you need to know about online casino vs real casino, as well as the differences between them. I hope this will help you plan your gambling adventure to India carefully.


a. Which casino is the pride in Goa?

There are 2 casino Prides in Goa. These casinos are known as the most casinos in Goa as they both attract a lot of tourists every year. Both the casino Prides have their own colour and experience to them, so we definitely recommend going to both if you can to get the full extent of the gaming experience there.

b. How many pride casinos are there in Goa?

There are 2 casino Prides in Goa. Casino Pride 1 and 2 have mostly different vide to them. For more private gaming sessions, you could visit casino Pride 1. 

For a lower entrance fee and to socialize more, you could visit casino Pride 2. Casino Pride 1 has more private rooms as Casino Pride 2 is more open and is for everyone.

c. Where is Deltin Royale Goa casino located?

The Deltin Royale is located at Fisheries Jetty, Fisheries Building, D. Bandodkar Road, Panaji, Goa 403001, India. While there are many other casinos with a similar name, this is the address of the real Deltin Royale and it is the biggest landed casino in Goa.

d. Which Goa casinos to check out other than Deltin Royale casino?

Goa is a great place for gamblers. For those who want to check out other casinos, you could definitely go to casino Pride 1 and 2. Casino Palms is also a great choice for you to check out. 

There are so many landed casinos in Goa that you may easily find one in the vicinity of your staying area. So the answer to this question may differ according to where you stay.

e. How to get to Deltin Casino in Goa?

You may either take the cruise from India that will also stop at the jetty where Deltin Casino is at. This way is great for players that are looking to only stop by this Goa. 

For players that are planning to spend more time in Goa, Deltin Royale is about 2 minutes walk from the jetty. You can take an airport transfer or taxi once you reach Panaji Airport.

f. Is online gambling in India legal?

Yes, gambling is legal in most of India, namely Goa. In general, online gambling is very widely accepted and is legal in India. This situation may however differ according to the state you live in India. So it is best to check out the rules of gambling in the states you live in.
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