Buy and Play the Best Online Lottery Tickets in India!

Online lottery is a popular pastime in India, with many hopeful gamblers vying for a jackpot in every online lottery purchase. It is probably the most well-known form of gambling that is playable by even the most rookie gamblers. This guide aims to examine all the essentials for every player to get started and make the most out of their bets.
Buy and Play the Best Online Lottery in india
Lottery is not a new development in many societies worldwide, it is well-established to be a simple short cut albeit near impossible chance to be an overnight millionaire. Unsurprisingly, many hopeful Indians wish to be rich and live out their Bollywood dreams. 

With the advance of technology, it’s only natural that the lottery transitioned online and found greater popularity among hopeful Indians. State-run offline lottery such as Playwin Lottery is relatively well-known by most Indians. 

In contrast, online lottery comes in many shapes and forms. The relatively unregulated realm of online casino gives way to different entities to flourish with none claiming full brand recognition yet.

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How To Buy Lottery Ticket Online?

If you want to find out how to buy online lottery tickets, here you are:
How To Buy Lottery Ticket Online?

Step 1: Identify a reputable online casino or website to purchase the tickets.

Online casino: Keno is a popular form of online lottery for most online casinos due to its ease of play. However, other casino games may also be adopted for the lottery.

Messenger service website (lottery agent): Some websites offer to purchase international lottery tickets on behalf of the customers. In addition, some website also released online lottery app which is worth considering too.

Step 2: Set up an account

Follow the registration process and enter personal particulars to create an account on the platform. This includes your name, contact details, country of residence, and others.

Set 3: Make a deposit or update payment methods

Making a deposit is applicable for players who intend to play at online casinos. The balance will be deducted for future purchases of tickets.

Payment methods must be included in online casinos or other websites to enable deposits and charges to be made to the account. The conventional payment methods accepted are credit/debit cards. However, selected online casinos also accept fund transfer.

Step 4: Purchase the online lottery ticket

Select the preferred variant of the ticket and make a purchase. Be sure to take advantage of free play (if available) to understand the rules of the game.

Players are also recommended to study the payout of lottery tickets because there is a wide variety. Some offer significantly higher than the others, hence, the players can attempt to make full use of their bets.

What are the requirements to make a purchase?

The minimum gambling age in India is 21, and this applies to any participation in land-based casinos or purchase of physical lottery tickets. However, the minimum age for online gambling is not largely defined as the industry is in a grey area. With that said, nearly all consumers of different age groups, even below 21 years old can purchase lottery online.

When it comes to necessary tools to facilitate a purchase, the player only need these things:
  • PC/smartphone - Most tickets can be conveniently purchased on smartphones
  • Internet connection - Essential to establish stable connection throughout transactions 
  • Credit/debit cards - Payment method to make deposits and purchases
  • Valid banking account - Needed for fund transfers for winnings payout
There aren't any background checks or waiting periods to purchase online lottery tickets. The player can make a purchase as soon as they set up an account.

Why Play The Lottery Online?

Why Play The Lottery Online?
Online lottery gained a foothold among Indians who love casual and serious gambling. It competes with offline lottery tickets for a variety of reasons.


Not everyone is free or able to commute to purchase physical lottery tickets. With online lottery, the players are only required to purchase them over the internet.

Competitive price

There are a wide range of lottery tickets available, marketed at low to high price points for every budget. The price points are low enough that the players do not need to look for a free online lottery in India.

Ease of payment

Online lottery accepts different modes of payment, even more than physical outlets. It even accept payment options such as UPI and Paytm which are widely used in India.

Bigger payout

Online lottery accepts different modes of payment, even more than physical outlets. It even accept payment options such as UPI and Paytm which are widely used in India.

International lottery

Messenger websites offer lottery tickets of different regions for sale. The player can win rewarding money in different currencies which are superior to rupee.

What is a lottery agent and bookkeeper?

Lottery agent

Middlemen who purchase lottery tickets on your behalf. An online lottery website normally employed these agents in different countries to purchase lottery tickets in each respective nation. 

This enables the players to participate in different international draws such as Powerball, Lotto Max, EuroMillions and more. The purchased ticket will be subsequently scanned and delivered to your account as proof of purchase.

Lottery bookkeeper

No actual purchase of lottery ticket is involved. Instead, you are betting on the outcome of a lottery draw. The prize money will be paid by the lottery site (which you placed the bets), instead of the lottery organizer.

Depending on the player’s preferences, both seemed to be viable options for online lottery. The players normally keep 100% of their winnings except for chargeable service fee by lottery agents.

Final Thought

Online lottery is an emerging method for people to participate in lottery draws without leaving home. It brings the hopes of becoming a millionaire even closer to reality when you can make a purchase on your smartphone with ease. 

While the minimum bets is lower than other online casino games in india, the odds of winning can also be bleak. Hence, the players are advised to exercise moderation and never exceed their losses limit. Online lottery offers the thrill of winning an opportunity to change lives, but the chase shouldn’t be mired with impulsive gambling decisions.


a. Is there any online lottery in India?
Yes. The players may purchase lottery tickets online in websites which are established for Indian market. They usually operate through lottery agents whereby the user can purchase tickets online from any part of the world.

b. Can I buy national lottery tickets online?
No. Currently, state-run lottery tickets in India are only available offline. Therefore, the players need to visit a physical outlet to make a purchase. In addition, it is illegal to sell national lottery tickets online. Please be cautious of sellers who advertised online lottery India tickets for sale.

c. Is it safe to play online lottery?
Reputable online lottery websites display e-gambling licenses for increased proof of legitimacy. The players may observe icons of licenses at the bottom of the webpage to evaluate the claim of legitimacy. Most websites also employed high end encryption to ensure secure payment during checkout.

d. Which online lottery is the best?
The US Powerball is well-known for its large attractive payout - a total of USD $1,586 billion.

There are also other variants which are worth honorable mentions such as La Primitiva (Spain), Germany Lotto (Germany), Loto France (France), and Loto 7 (Japan). When the value of foreign exchange is taken into account, these aforementioned lottery pay exponentially better than the local state-run lottery.

e. Is online lottery legal in India?
There is no outright ban or legalization of online lottery. The stance on online lottery is left up to interpretation by state governments. The players will play online lottery at their own risk.
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