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What is a mobile casino app? Well, a casino application is an application that allows the user to play games of casino type on a cellular communication network such as through a cellular telephone.

Visiting a land-based casino is now a thing of the past, with the rise of online casinos. The joy of gambling is now at the players’ fingertips at home. The convenience of online gambling is now even elevated with the development of casino app to suit the needs for on-the-go gambling when the needs arise.
Mobile Casino App 2021
Online casinos are not only notable for their ease of play. Through collaborative efforts with responsible parties, each notable casino have come up with their own online casino app for endless entertainment - on smartphones or tablets. The recommended apps can be located for download via these sites, for Android and Apple smartphones.


Broad players’ base in multiple Southeast Asian countries. Also known for its attractive incentives for players and excellent customer service.


Best alternative to AW8. It also featured competitive dialogue of casino games with good speed of payout.


Ideal for players who enjoy live casino games. Multitude of classic and emerging casino games are also available.

Best Mobile Casino App Sites 2021

aw8 logo
Bonus Available:
Slots Welcome Bonus Up to INR 21,000!
logo ivip9
Bonus Available:
Sports  Welcome Bonus Up to INR 14,000!
uea8et logo
Bonus Available:
Sports Free Credit
Up to INR 700!

Live Casino Apps 2021

Experience a live casino on your smartphone. The players can interact with dealers in a setting that mimics visits to your local casino - from a live casino app conveniently.

1. WM Casino

WM Casino
The available games include baccarat, roulette, Sic Bo, and others. Great ease of use is offered to the players because they can participate instantaneously, with short loading time.


Players may participate in baccarat, roulette, Sic Bo, and uncommon variants of table games such as Bull Bull plus Win Three Cards.

3. DREAM Gaming

DREAM Gaming
Games such as roulette, baccarat, three cards, fight bull, Sic Bo, and dragon tiger are offered in the app. In addition, the app also provides High Definition (HD) video quality for superior live casino experience.

4. Game Play (GP)

Game Play Interactive
Also known as Game Play Interactive. This app offers baccarat, roulette, Sic Bo, 3 Pictures, and others.

Mobile Casino Apps Specializations

Some casino apps are designed to excel in one type of game for a niche group of players. The game typically attracts a huge following and the apps build upon this with unique features and gameplay not commonly seen elsewhere in India casino mobile app.

IDN Poker

IDN Poker
The players may participate in solo games or tournaments to win huge prize pools. In addition, the player may set up private poker tables to play with their friends. Variants of poker include Texas Hold’ Em, Omaha Poker, Super 10 Poker, and others.


The app offers a wide variety of slots in eye-catching designs.


The app employed a smart and intelligent user interface to draw users in with a refreshing take on slots.


Great diversity of slots and betting options to suit players. Ideal for beginners or hardcore players.

How to Find the Best Casino Apps in India?

Step 1: Find your preferred online casino

Do adequate research to identify reputable online casinos. A good website will give you a good impression of how their mobile casino could resemble.

Step 2: Identify the smartphone apps of the online casino

The online casinos will normally advertise their apps on the website. Hence, it should not be too hard to locate them. However, not all online casinos will release carbon copies of the website, condensed in an app. 

This is due to the large number of data and extraneous coding required to fit all games into one app. Hence, the games of different categories may be released as standalone apps.

Alternative method: The players may also opt to identify a real casino app by investigating the app market through searching for keywords like ‘real money casino app’ and ‘best casino app’. However, this can be time consuming and players won’t be able to assess the background of app maker and product offering if they skipped Step 1.

Step 3: Research for reputation

The players may examine the apps’ reputation by reviewing ratings and user feedback in the app store. Issues such as payment errors, missing payout, mid-game crashes, and others should raise the red flags for rejection. This helps to pinpoint the underperforming apps and remove them from the casino app download list.

How to Download Casino Game Apps in India?

Step 1: Acquire the download link

Identify the source of download - be it from the app store in App Store or Play Store. In addition, the apps may also be stored in other portals. Please make sure to have sufficient storage space in your smartphone.

Step 2: Evaluate the app features and specifications

Take the time to read up and identify if the app suits your needs. It would be ideal that the app is localized to your language and it has all casino games in one app.

Step 3: Download the apps

Look for the link to download the apps for Android and Apple smartphones. The players will be taken to the app store and proceed with installation.

However, not all online casinos will readily market their apps in the official app store. 

The players may be directed to other sources to download the apps.

Android: The players need to download an Android application package (APK) file from a website and it will be converted into an app during installation.

Apple: The players need to download the app from a separate mobile-optimized app store for installation.

How Legit Is Real Money Casino Apps?

Casino apps provide the opportunity to make real money just like online casino websites and land-based casinos. Some real money casino android app may appear to resemble casino games but in actuality they are just apps with free plays. Therefore, it is recommended to download the apps associated with official online casinos to ensure its legitimacy.

What Are The Available Casino App Payment Methods?

Several methods have been adopted for payment, and it generally works like making payments on an online casino website.

Credit/debit cards

Visa and Mastercard are accepted worldwide and they are equally recognized as viable payment methods for players of casino apps. The players only need to enter their card details to proceed with the payment.


Bank transfer solution is useful for players without credit/debit cards. The players may complete this transaction over their smartphones or PC. They also opt to visit their nearest bank to deposit the money for payment.

What about Google Pay?

Google Pay is available in India and it’s also a widely recognized digital wallet for online transactions on smartphone. While it is often used for a variety of purchases on smartphone, the same cannot be said for casino apps transactions. 

As casino apps are banned in India, it is highly unlikely that Indian users will ever get use this payment option in the near future despite its great convenience.

Online gambling on smartphones is a reality with casino apps. Adequate research should be completed before downloading to ensure you make the best out of every deposit. 

While it is convenient, the urge to spend and gamble has also amplified as it’s readily available at your fingertips. Hence, the player should always gamble responsibly.


a. Are there any casino apps that pay real money?
Yes. Not all casino apps are created equal. Casino apps which are endorsed by online gambling sites such as AW8, IVIP9, and UEA8ET pay real money for winnings.

b. Which is the best casino app?
WM Casino. This app delivers a vivid live casino experience that takes you to a casino without actually going there.

c. What are the best free casino apps?
  • WM Casino
  • Dream Gaming

These casino apps are developed by the brains behind growing online casino. They are free to download, and they pay real money.


d. What slot machine apps pay real money?
  • Joker
  • PT
  • Mega888

These casino apps offer a wide range of slots with genuine payout based on your winnings.

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