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The online slot and online casino India have become nearly inseparable like heroes and sidekicks in every Marvel film. This is not hard to comprehend because they are both popular sources of entertainment for casino players. The opportunity to hit the jackpot, combined with the 24/7 availability of online casinos create endless hours of fun to kill boredom. For every average Indian player and elsewhere, the chance to win big is too good to pass up.

What’s Special About Online Slot?

The online slot is a near-identical carbon copy of slot machines. While slot machines are bolted to concrete floors in physical casinos, online slots have no real tangible forms. This is simply because an online slot game is a programme designed to exist in the online realm. Similar to online casinos, they are not restricted to any working hours or singular space. The online slot machine behaves like a video game.

blackjack game

Hence, its main purpose is to deliver high entertainment value, in the spirit of its physical counterparts. The basic mechanics of physical slot machines are given renewed incarnations on the Internet. Slot game online does it better with greater varieties at lower house edge and higher payout. The striking similarities to contemporary mobile games only helped to elevate its status further.

Best Online Slot Casinos India 2021

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The sky’s the limit for the emergence of slot games online. The demand for this ever-popular casino has inspired countless varieties and it has far surpassed many other classic casino games. Due to the many different varieties in online casinos, it is unsurprising that the players feel overwhelmed by the number of types alone.

While each variety contributes something to the novelty appeal of slots, some forms have proven to be more popular than others. For new and experienced players, these slot types are ideal as a starting point for new beginners. On the other hand, it also makes for perfect stepping stones to hit jackpots. Each type has its own unique perks that suit different skills and interests.
classic slot

Classic Slot

Classic slots are also known as 3-reel slots due to their strong resemblance to early designs of slot machines. Slot machines in their infancy stage are devoid of complex mechanical quirks and classic slots in online casinos retained this principle.

Hence, it is the simplest type with only one payline to form a winning combination of symbols. It is fast and easy for new players to learn. However, there is also a big drawback in its design which results in a low number of reels that create reduced possible combinations.

video slot

Video slots

Slot machine games begin with 3-reel mechanical machines but it takes a different form with the invention of video technology. This type of slot employed the use of multimedia on-screen to gives off an impression of spinning reels.

In actuality, the machine has no reels, only moving pictures on the reels to replicate the effect. The video slot often comes with high-quality graphics, animations, and sound effects. The online casino slot is video slots because they require no mechanical automation to operate.

multipayline slot

Multi-payline slot games

Most of the players are only familiar with the idea of a single payline to form a winning combination of symbols. However, in certain slots, the player actually has the ability to adjust the number of paylines on the reels. This is a multi-payline slot game.

By activating more than one payline, the player can enter multi-payline mode to create possible multiple wins in one spin. It requires careful coordination to score wins but the amount of effort required is also awarded a higher amount of real money to be won.

Top 3 Slot Games Online in India

These days, players will be able to find an overwhelming amount of online slot games online. This could be due to the increase in game providers around the world. The demand for casino games and online slots sky-rocketed so high that many game providers were created to keep up with the industry demand.

Those who have played slot machines in landed casinos will know and understand that the online slots are no big difference as well. So you wouldn’t need to worry about starting to play online as well. To start with, the three free online slot machine games listed below will be a good place to start with. For seasoned players, make sure to not miss out on trying these three games.


Bonanza is a very fun casino slot machine that was created in Big Time Gaming (BTG). Belonging to the megaways slots, this slot left its name in the category of best megaway slots of the year. Set in a gold mine, players will be harvesting rare gems in this slot. The symbols in this game comprises classic letters and gems such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and gold bars, with a slightly high RTP rate of 96%.

The pay out on the other hand varies from 50x up to 10,000 depending on the stakes and the symbols that line up on the pay line. Five of the purple gemstones provide a win of 50x the stake whereas the 10,000 win can be achieved by players triggering the potential endless multiplier in the game. This will then go on and on until players achieve the max multiplier.

Mega Moolah

Released in 2006, this game has managed to stay in the top of the game despite the release of thousands and thousands of online casino slots every year . It could be said that this slot is the original when it comes to progressive slot machines that players can win jackpots at in this industry.

Mega Moolah has a RTP rate of 88.12%. Even though the RTP rate is lower than usual, this shouldn’t discourage you as the volatility rate is high. Despite being almost 15 years old, the graphics and animations of this slot certainly doesn’t fall short and is interesting enough. The payout will also satisfy everyone as we found it relatively easy to win in this game.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead is an ancient Egyptian themed slot that’s both adventurous and mysterious that’s produced by Play’n GO. The popularity of this game spiked from the satisfaction of players that mentioned that this slot managed to combine the both aspects of this slot successfully.

With 5 reels and 3 rows, this game has a simple layout that makes it very easy for players to pick up and play this game without the need to learn the background of the slot or any other information relating to the game. The RTP of 96.21% offers players a great winning chance and the free spins feature will definitely benefit you in every way possible.

Why You Should Play Online Slot?

Online slots uphold the legacy of slot machines in the digital age. Unlike playing with physical slots, the player is far removed from the immersive, lively atmosphere of a bustling brick-and-mortar casino. Although online slot machines provide a solitary gambling experience, it also provides other unique perks which very few casino games can compete with, including actual slot machines.

Ease of play

The online slot is played like a video game - a shallow learning curve with a friendly user interface. In order to play the game, the player is only required to hit spin, stop, and observe wins or losses. In addition, the player is not required to memorize or practice complex, rigid rules which govern how the game performs. Online slots is far more forgiving than poker and blackjack for ease of play.

Bonuses and promotions

Owing to its popularity, online slots are a major component in their bonuses and promotions. Hence, the game has a universal value of eligibility for such extras. Whether the player is pursuing reload bonus, rebate, birthday bonus, and even deposit bonus, they can strategize their gameplay with slots. The attempts to accumulate and utilize the bonus is also made easier thanks to the low difficulty of slot games.

Free slots

Every spin in physical slot machines requires coins but this is not true for online slots. The player may actually play the game free of charge thanks to free slots. This handy perk is typically awarded as a welcome bonus or during uncommon seasonal bonuses. The best part is that the player may actually keep their winnings which are acquired through free slots.

Constant availability

For the players who lack patience or are in fear of crowding in a small premise, waiting for open physical slot machines can be stressful. The lack of available slot machines is made worse during peak hours when nobody wants to stop their games. Thankfully, such scenarios will never happen in online casinos. The player can easily find available slots and play as long as they want.

Famous Slot Game Providers 2021

The popularity of online slots is undeniable as this game is known to bring in almost 70% of new players into this industry yearly. Other than that, many new game providers are created every year to keep up with the market demand for new slots that fits the current trends and likes of players. Among this demanding market, these game providers have made a great name for themselves.




918kiss is known as the best slot game provider in the industry among Asian players. This online casino is particular known and favoured by players from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and India. This online game provider is known to have a good online reputation among players in this industry.

They also offer a variety of games other than slots to their players. Their site uses the SSL encryption that will definitely hold your personal information safe. They also offer very competitive market bonuses and promotions that will definitely help up players' gaming budget.

Launched in 2018, Mega888 is one of the more popular online casinos in Malaysia and India. To put in a simple context on what exactly is Mega888, all players need to know is that this site has been on the rise since its creation. Upon checking we can confirm that the quality of this site is very consistent.

This site has an impeccable site interface that will put you at instant ease and good mood when you surf it. This site also offers an app version of their site that offers the same and smooth interface that’s loved by many. The game also runs flawlessly taking the player's gaming journey to another level.

Joker123 is a rising star in the world of online casinos. By providing many different variations of online casino games, this site has been gaining much popularity in Asia and other continents as well. Despite being new, they have an extensive amount of slots for players.

Other than slots, Joker123 is also known for their collection of roulette and baccarat variations that could be found a lot in this site. Players can freely play any games to their heart's desire in this site as they host a large number of games with generous bonuses targeted and offered for each and every one of them.

Free vs. Real Money Slot

In the world of online slot sites, the player will often come across the notion of free and real money slot. The greatest difference lies in the need for monetary transactions. Free slot do not require any cost to play, Hence, the player can spin without spending a cent. However, there is no real money to be won either. In other words, the player just plays for the sake of having fun.

On the other hand, real money slot is what the player can found in online casinos and physical casinos. It requires the player to spend a sum of money in order to spin the wheels. In some online casinos, the player has the freedom to adjust the stakes which provide better control over their budgets. However, in real money slot, the player can set to win real money as well if they hit.

Free and real money slot are played with similar rules and they even look identical. The biggest distinction is the monetary transaction that may occur. The lines are blurred between gaming and gambling entertainment with these two kinds of slots. To make the best of them, the player may consider playing a free slot to practice before they graduate to play a real money slot which costs money.

Where To Find The Best Mobile Slot?

Mobile slots are mini versions of online slots. While online slots are best played on PCs or tablets, mobile slots can be played on smartphones. Mobile slots are in fierce competition with other mobile games to vie for the players’ attention and money. Amidst the fight to dominate the app market, mobile slots have also evolved to outshine web versions of slots online.

A simple search on the Android and Apple app market will reveal the free slots which are free of charge to download. However, these apps are also littered with ads which may result in a poor user experience. They are suitable for casual players who enjoy playing slots without no real expenditure.

Due to the restrictive policy of tech giants against gambling apps, the mobile slot cannot be easily acquired through legitimate unless one resides in restriction-free countries. As a result, the player should visit the official sites of online casinos and download .apk or .ipa version of apps - example. These apps replicate the actual online slots and the players can gamble and play freely.

Foolproof Game Plan For Jackpot Hits

Although the online slot is a game of chance, fate is not the ultimate dictator of one’s victory. There are certain measures that the player can utilize to employ their chances to win. In order to score wins, the player should study the strategies and adopt those which suits their level of competency. No strategy is truly better than the other, it is up to the player to decide.
pay table

Study the paytable

The paytable shows the list of symbol combinations and potential payout. This information should be acquired before the player commences the game. By knowing the best combination for a good payout, the player can divide and conquer. It can be accomplished by prioritizing certain symbols over others to form paylines that pay more.

Practice with free plays

Free plays are more than promotion gimmicks. When it is used appropriately, it can be very beneficial to the player. Certain game mechanics such as multi-paylines and multipliers are not easily mastered in one go, they require repeated attempts. This is where free plays prove to be useful because the player can learn how to achieve better scores without spending money.

demo play

Manage the budget

The online slot can be addictive and fun. Therefore, this spells trouble for players who lack self-control. A good rule of thumb is to increase the stakes or paylines with each successive win. When the player loses, the player returns to basic stake or stop playing. Most importantly, the player should stick to the allocated budget or never seek to recover losses from a losing streak. It’s okay to take a break.

Learn Everything You Need To Know and More With Our Game Guides

So, I hope that you have learned everything you need to know and more with our game guides. These game guides are specifically designed to help new players learn more about the online casino India and more.

All the information listed here is addressed after long hours of research and background check. Those articles below will be a great help to all that wants to start a smooth-sailing into this industry. Come and read more:


a. What are the best online slots to play?

There are thousands and thousands of online slots that you can find in online casinos. But some of our favourites are Bonanza, Mega Moolah and Book of Dead.

b. Can you play slots online for real money?

Yes, you simply need to look for a legit online casino to start playing online slots for real money. AW8, IVIP9 and JACK998 are some of the best online casinos that you could check out to play these games and win.

c. Where can I play online slots for free?

AW8, IVIP9, UEA8ET, JACK998 and GCWIN99 are some of the more popular online casinos in this industry that offer free plays to their players. So you can freely visit these casinos for a good session of free plays.

d. Do people really win on online slots?

Yes, there are people who won up to millions of dollars while playing online slots. All this however will depend on the online slot and online casino you choose to invest your money at. So we suggest that you do some good research.

e. How can I win online slots?

Winning at online slots can be easier than you think. Some of the most straight-forward tips are that you choose slots with a high RTP rate and choose progressive slots if you are aiming for big wins.
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