918kiss: The Best Slot Provider In The Asian Industry

918kiss is known as the best slot game provider in the industry among Asian players. This online casino is particular known and favoured by players from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and India. This online casino platform is one of the better ones out there as it is also available in an app form for online casino players to download directly.

What Is 918kiss?

So, what exactly is 918kiss? 918kiss is a gambling and entertainment platform that offers online slot games, jackpots and free credits to their players. This online casino site houses some of the best slots, arcades and card games in this industry. So players with needs other than slots will also love this site.

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Initially known as SCR888, this online casino underwent a re-branding in 2018 and became the new site it is today, 918kiss. This rebranding was also done for players to get a whole new experience from this site and also to follow the current trend.

Best 918kiss Slots Casinos 2021

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Some of The Famous Games in 918kiss

As mentioned above, 918kiss is the home to many different online casino games. Out of all the different online casino games, 918kiss is best known for their online slots collections. They are trusted by players to have all the slots that are in trend at the moment.

918kiss is known to change their pick of online slots every month according to the current most favourite games of players. Among all the slots listed on the site, listed below are the top three slots of the month in this site.


Wukong is the type of slot that you will be up to play in any mood. It is fancy, colourful and bright. Despite mashing many elements together, this slot manages to make it work and attractive.

Designed by the Jumbo Games, Wukong has its own unique gameplay format and structure that sets it aside from other slots. This factor will definitely add into a player's experience of playing an online slot.


Wildfox has been the favourite of many casino players recently. The main reason for this may be because of the brightly coloured symbols that are bound to put everyone in a good mood while playing.

While the symbols are colourful, it still doesn’t make the slot look childish. On the other hand, the slot looks fun and playful with the symbols and the background. With 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 paylines, players will definitely not lose while playing this slot.

Monkey Slots

This online slot form Roundstone International will bring out your mischievous site while playing it. Taking somewhat of a lighter approach in the game, the gameplay of “Monkey” is both easy and addictive.

With 5 reels and 3 rows, players can expect to see many bonus rounds as there are many different bonus rounds hidden in the paytable. The graphics of this game are so flawless and smooth that you will take your eyes off it.

How Can You Start Playing 918kiss Slot?

Starting your 918kiss journey is relatively simple and straight-forward. To answer your simple question of how can you start playing 918kiss slot, we have compiled and listed a step by step trick that you can follow to start your journey smoothly.

Step 1:To start, decide if you would like to use the 918kiss site on your pc or download it on your phone. If you have HTML 5 and above, you will be able to use the site on your pc smoothly.

Step 2:To download 918kiss on your android or iOS phone, you simply need to head to the respective Playstore.

Step 3:After downloading the app, make sure to register an account in 918kiss and login successfully.

Step 4:You can proceed to check out the payment method page to choose a preferred payment method to make a deposit.

Step 5:Follow the steps listed while depositing to complete the process.

Step 6:Go ahead and start choosing a game while waiting for your money to reflect in your account.

Step 7:You can start playing once your deposit is reflected.

Why Play 918kiss Slot?

So why exactly should you choose to play in 918kiss despite the many different online casinos out there. The answer is quite simple and straightforward, It is known to be one of the best in the industry. Everyone likes to get the best in everything, so it is the perfect choice for online casino players. some of the best features that this casino has are:

a. Online reputation

918kiss have one of the best reputation in this industry. They are very well-known among all online casino players in the Asian industry. They also have a lot good reviews online, so players can simply google them to get any information.

b. Variety of games

Despite being very popular for their collection of slot games, 918kiss is also very popular for having a huge collection of other casino games. Players can expect from classic to modern games on this site.

c. Bonus and promotions

Bonuses and promotions are something that can make or break one’s casino experience. 918kiss is known to offer their players many different bonuses such as free spins, welcome bonuses, match bonus and many others.

d. Secure and safe

Security is very important for new casino players as there are many online casinos out there that don't place importance on this aspect. It is known to come with SSL certification that will definitely keep all your information safe and sound.

How Can Players Improve Their Winning Chances on 918Kiss slot?

Improving your winning chance is very important as an online casino player as no one wouldn’t love to win doing something they love. While it is not feasible to win all the time while playing, it is not impossible for players to increase their winning chances while playing these games. For players that want to start winning more, you could follow the tricks listed below.

i. Use the bonuses offered by the online casino for your games.

Make sure to not reject any bonuses offered by online casinos as each and every bonus offered has its own purpose. These bonuses will also increase your bankroll.

ii. Research on the game before playing it.

While players can whole-heartedly jump into a slot game, doing some research on the slot game or any other game you are going to play will help your winning chances tremendously.

iii. Set your limit to low at first.

Setting your limit to low is actually a very good idea for players to play longer with their deposit. All these will increase the chance for players to hit the winning spin.


In conclusion, 918kiss is a great choice for both new and senior players in this industry. This is because they have choices that will satisfy all parties. Players can check out ““Best Online Slot India'' to find out more on other online casinos.


a. How to login 918kiss to play?

Head to the site and input your username and password to login. Head to the register page if you don’t have an account there yet.

b. Is there a free 918kiss credit?

Yes, 918kiss offers a lot of free credits to their players. They also offer lots of other bonuses to their players.

c. What kind of games can I play on 918kiss?

918kiss offers a myriad of games for you to choose from. They offer classic, modern and jackpot slots.

d. How can I be a 918kiss agent kiosk?

Head to the site and get the customer care help on the ways you could sign up to be the agent kiosk.
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