Bonanza Slot: A Detailed Slot Review For Players [2021]

Bonanza slot is arguably the most popular game from Big Time Gaming(BTG) for the year 2021 so far. This game has been gaining all the attention for good reasons. With pretty gold mining themed slot, Bonanza slot has been the favourite of many online casinos players. This slot joins “Mega Moolah'', “Book of Dead”, big bass bonanza, sweet bonanza and a few of the slots in the category of best real money slots among Asian players.

What is Bonanza Slot?

Bonanza is a very rustic and gold themed slot that combines both classiness and fun into its game. The reels in this game are filled with precious gemstones such as Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds and gold bar.

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These symbols will immediately put you in a good mood while playing. The background on the other hand puts you in a mine where you are the miner that’s mining the gems. This game contains a free spin round that is very beneficial for players.

Best Bonanza Slot Games Casinos 2021

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Why Should Players Play Bonanza Slot?

i) Good money despite the lack of jackpot

Even though Bonanza lacks a grand jackpot prize, players can still win a very big amount of money in this game through their bets. So players will not feel the void or thirst of a jackpot in these games.

ii) Good betting range

Bonanza is a game that will satisfy all players. This is because the betting range of this game varies from a small one to a big one. This will give both a smaller budget player and a bigger budget player a chance to play the game.

iii) Colourful and fun

While many players do come to a slot game to win, many others come to play slot games to escape from reality and release their stress. Bonanza is a great slot online in a way as it is colourful and fun. The gems on the reels gives it a good colour and the gold adorned background gives the slot a good pop.

iv) Free demo or Free play

Bonanza online comes with a free play feature that’s also called the demo. With this, players would be able to play bonanza online without having the need to download or login. This free play feature will also benefit you as you will be able to get a gist of the game before jumping into it with real money.

How to Play This Bonanza Slot?

Bonanza is a slot with six reels and seven rows. This is immediately a new thing as there are not many slots out there with these reels and rows combination, This megaways slots offers up to 117,649 ways to win with every spin.

This game combines traditional 9-A playing card symbols as well as various gemstones. The purple gemstone has the highest value and it pays the biggest amount of money to players which is 50x the stake for five on any paylines. Despite catering to a smaller budget as well, this game will also interest the high roller as it contains many interesting features.

The minimum bet amount of this game is 0.20, whereas the highest is 20. Players are able to win up to 10,000x their bet amount. Once the desired bet amount is set, players are able to spin the wheels either manually or players are able to utilize the autoplay feature.

RTP, Volatility and Oher Important Information About Bonanza Slot

This slot has an RTP (return to player) rate of 96% with a volatility rate of medium. So, what actually are some of the rules and tricks to win while playing Bonanza? While playing this game, players might realise that they are offered the option to buy the bonus game instead of waiting for it.

This step will be a great move for players that have a bigger budget and want to be a higher roller. For players that don’t want to buy this option, it is recommended that you make smaller bets to prolong your game that might get you the winning spin to unlock this bonus feature.

Other than that, medium volatility will offer players a mid-level chance of winning. So don’t be discouraged if you lose a bit. The RTP rate is also beneficial to players as it is on the higher side. Most slots out there come with a RTP rate from 90-95%, this slot however goes slightly higher at 96%.

An Overview of Bonanza Slot

To summarize this slot or to give an overview on this slot, it is a pretty chill and straightforward slot that doesn’t require much background learning before players can jump into it. As the slot is set in a mountainside where players will head to a gold mine to mine gemstones, it gives players a sense of adventure.

Tested on several mobile phones including the older models, this game runs beautifully and smoothly on most mobile devices making it very mobile friendly. Players are also able to play this game both in an online casino app and a website where we think it works more beautifully on the website itself.

When it comes to slot, the reels tare filled with beautiful gemstone, gold bars and classic numbers combines both classiness and fun together which brings the best of two worlds to players The pay out on the other hand varies from 50x up to 10,000 depending on the stakes and the symbols that lines up on the pay line.

Five of the purple gemstones provide a win of 50x the stake whereas the 10,000 win can be achieved by players triggering the potential endless multiplier in the game. This will then go on and on until players achieve the max multiplier. In the end, it is actually not very difficult for players to achieve this feat. However, players would need to be smart about their stakes.


All in all, we think that Bonanza is a very well structured slot that will satisfy both ends of players who are players looking for some fancy slot and players that just want something fun. To find more similar slots, you can check out “Best Online Slot India”. Hope this review helped you!


a. Is Bonanza a good slot?

Yes, Bonanza is a very well-liked slot among online casino players. This slot game has been gaining more popularity day and day and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to go down any time soon.

b. Is Sweet Bonanza a real slot?

Yes, Sweet Bonanza is a real slot that players will be able to find in online casinos. This slot, similar to bonanza, has been making a known mark for itself in this industry.

c. What kind of slot is Sweet Bonanza?

Sweet bonanza is a 6 reel, 5 row slot from Pragmatic Play that has a volatility rate from medium to high. The slot itself is filled with colourful fruits and sweets, perfect for players that don't want anything complicated.

d. How do you cheat on a Bonanza machine?

No. Despite what you read online, it is almost impossible for players to cheat on online slots. Similarly, it is almost impossible for online casinos to rig any online casino games.

e. What online casino has sweet bonanza?

AW8. AW8 is a great choice of online casino that you will be able to find all the trendiest and the most popular games in this industry. They also offer competitive bonuses to their players.
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