How To Play Online Slot | Learn to Play Online Slots [2021]

The online slot is a fun casino game that requires little to no specialized skills to play it. Owing to its relatively low difficulty gameplay, the game is wildly popular for players new to casinos. Even for experienced players, slot games still hold a special place in their hearts. The goal to hit the jackpot is shared by players of all skill levels, and it is possible to overcome the odds with good tactics.

Beginner’s Guide For How To Play Online Slot

Step 1: Find your preferred online casino and slot gam

There is a wide variety of online casinos and slot games available on the Internet. However, no two casinos and slot games are the same, even for online casino India. The player should attempt to find an online casino that suits their interests. They should also consider promotions associated with slots such as free plays, deposit bonuses, rebate bonuses, and others.

This is followed by evaluation and selection of slot games. Slot games are designed to look not drastically different despite the different variants hosted by the casino. New players can find slot games that resemble slot machines in physical casinos. Slot games with motives of fruits and cartoon characters are often the most common and popular.

Step 2: Study the paytable

Paytable shows the combination of symbols and payout of a slot machine. Most online casinos will make this vital information accessible to the players. Hence, the player should examine it because it can provide the value of each symbol. By using this as guidance, the player can prioritize selected symbols throughout the gameplay. In contrast, this also helps to identify good and bad paylines in order to score the biggest payout.

Step 3: Start playing

Once the player has selected a slot game, the player can start to practise how to play online slot machines and win. This is done by selecting what the players want to bet on, followed by how many paylines which the player would like to play. Online slots are played not too differently from slot machines.

Similarly, if the option for ‘max bet’ (referring to the maximum amount which the player can bet on slot) is available, the player may choose it to prolong the gameplay and increase the chances of winning. This is advisable if the player wants to take risks, and win big in his or her attempt in knowing how to play online slot machines.

Step 4: Spin the wheels

The player can proceed to spin the wheels and actually start playing. If the player succeeded in matching the correct symbols for the paylines, they would win. By getting wins, some slot games may allow the player to enter bonus rounds. In bonus rounds, the player may earn an additional payout. Otherwise, the payout for the normal round alone will be awarded.

Should the player experience losses, it’s not the end of the world. The player can just spin again until he or she hits a win. However, the player should bear in mind their gambling budget. They should not gamble their paycheck away. It is considered a bad practice of knowing how to play online slot machines if the player lacks poor self-control of gambling.

Basic Rules To Play Slot Game

i. Know the terminologies

Each game has its own special terminologies, and slot games have their unique counterparts too. When it comes to understanding how to play online slot machine, the player should know some basic and common terminologies. This is to ease the overall gameplay and avoid potential misunderstandings of how the game works. The terms are generally interpreted in the same manner across all online casinos.

3/5/6 reel: The spinning machine has between 3-6 spinning columns of symbols

Active payline: If the winning combination lands on an active payline, the player will receive a payout.

Autoplay/autospin: An automated mode where the machine will spin the wheels without manual intervention.

Basic slot: 3 reel machine with a single payline

Bonus round: Special round where it requires special completion of actions to win extra money

Free play/spin: A special mode in which the player can play without spending any money.

Jackpot: Highest possible prize on the slot game

Multi-line: Multiple paylines available to match for a greater payout

Payline: The line where the winning combination of symbols must land to win money

Progressive jackpot: Sum of payout continues to increase with each successive loss until someone claims it 

Random Number Generator (RNG): An algorithm that determines the genuine random placement of symbols for each win. This mechanism has no recognizable pattern which creates unpredictability.

Return to player (RTP): A percentage of total wagered money which will be returned to the player

Variance: Game’s determinant for frequency of payout. Low variance means regular wins, but smaller payout meanwhile high variance means irregular wins, but higher payout.


ii. Know the difference between regular and progressive jackpot

A regular jackpot provides a fixed sum of payout and no casino or players have any influence over it. On the other hand, progressive jackpot has a higher payout with respect to the higher number of losses. Therefore, the player should know how to play online slots machines smartly and select the variant which suits their interest. Each type provides a payout but the regular version has a regular frequency meanwhile it is fewer for the progressive jackpot.

iii. Choose slots with higher RTP

RTP determines the average percentage of money which the player may receive from the game. Hence, a higher RTP would warrant a better chance of winning for the player. If the slot game has 96% of RTP, it means the player can receive 96% of every $100 bet. In tune with figuring out how to play online slot machines for real money, the player should investigate this information and pick slot games with RTP.

iv. Play with active paylines and multipliers

Throughout the game, the player has the option to activate one or more paylines. Consequently, the player may also exercise control over its deactivation because most games have a multiplier feature. This is where more than one activated payline with winning combination actually hit and increased numbers of hits will increase the multipliers too. As a result, the payout will be increased dramatically.

v. Monitor the gambling budget

An important but less spoken rule is to oversee the expenditure on the game strictly. A good player who knows how to play slots online and win must have a good sense of personal finance too. Even for someone who understands how to play online slots for beginners, he or she may easily lose control of overspending.

A good rule of thumb is to set aside a fixed amount of money to spend on slots. When the player continues to lose, it’s a good sign to stop playing. It may be tempting to recover the losses with each new bet. Unfortunately, as slots are a game of chance, there is no guarantee that the player will succeed. It would be ideal to cut the losses and walk away while the account balance is positive.

vi. Check the reputation of casino

The mistake of not conducting background checks can happen even to people who mastered how to play slots online. While choosing the game and casino are preliminary steps, no transaction should occur until the reputation of the online casino is established. The player can assess the reputation by visiting online casino review sites, forums, and social media to gather input from experts and players alike.

Information such as payout, customer service, and withdrawal speed is among the major aspects to evaluate. Any red flags should be viewed with caution because the possibility of denied payout is always present. The player is highly at risk for monetary loss if they come across unscrupulous casino operators.

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