Ultimate Guide To Mobile Slot And How To Win [2021]

The mobile slot is a fast emerging genre of game that is well-received by casino and non-casino players alike. While much is known about the game on the surface level, there’s more than it meets the eyes. As the mobile slot is almost a copy of slot game, the game retains the appeal of pick-up-and-play mechanics which empowers the players to play anytime, anywhere.

What To Know About Mobile Slot?

Mobile slot games are designed in the same fashion as slots seen in online casinos. The variety of games found online are likely optimized for the corresponding mobile slot counterparts. However, slot games for mobile can only be played on smartphones. They can only be played on iOS and Android devices.

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When it comes to downloading these apps for actual gambling, the method of procuring them may vary. For mobile slot without any actual monetary transactions (free to play), they are readily available in the app market. However, some online casinos may advertise the apps on their website, and the player can download .apk or .ipa versions of files for their smartphones respectively.

Best Mobile Slot Casinos 2021

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Similar to many smartphone games which have their own variations, slot mobile received this treatment too. The variety in mobile slots real money helps to cater to the many skill levels of the players. While each game may present itself differently with unique names and design, they often do not stray far from the widely accepted umbrella concepts.

Free Mobile Slot

The free mobile slot is as the name implies, is a slot game that requires no actual expenditure from the players. They are found readily in the app market as free downloads. Since they are free of charge, the app is normally littered with ads which may create a poor user experience. However, if the player can withstand it, the game plays out just like any normal slot seen in online casinos.

Real Mobile Slot

Real mobile slot refers to the mobile slot which is designed by online casinos with the for-profit intention in mind. This translates to actual real money slot apps for android in which the player can deposit money to be used for betting. Consequently, they may also win real money if they scored hits. This variation permits the players to play the game as if they are playing in online casinos.

Jackpot Slot

A jackpot slot is also known as a progressive slot. Each time the game is played but there is no victory, the payout amount will increase. In other words, each loss contributes to the cumulative amount of the jackpot. 

This jackpot is deemed most attractive due to the huge sum of money to be won. However, the likelihood of winning the prize is also lower due to the lucrative amount. This variant is preferable to regular slots but it may take many attempts to actually win.

Guide To Choose Best Mobile Slots Casino

There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing mobile slots. As they are treated as a combination of modern video games and casino slots, there are several considerations that should be inspected before playing free mobile slots and real money slot apps for android.

a. Variety of games

Slots can be divided into more varieties such as 3-reel, 5-reel, regular, progressive, and others. This is also complemented by game modes such as multi-paylines for extra challenges. As a result, there are countless incarnations of the games to keep players entertained. Good mobile slots casinos should provide different varieties for the players to experiment.

b. Good bonuses and promotions

Mobile slots are a legitimate casino game, including online casino India. Hence, this profitable game also has its own bonuses and promotions such as reload bonuses, rebates, and others. The frequency and variety of offerings may differ according to the casinos. Therefore, the player should choose the broadest range to suit their changing needs.

c. Good reputation

Information about the reputation of mobile slots casinos can be surveyed from forums, social media, and review sections of apps. The player should look out for payout, withdrawal time, and customer service. Any potential red flags should not be ignored, and those with bad reviews should be avoided.

d.  Customer service

How the casino responds when the player needs help is the key indicator for customer service quality. Ideally, the online casino should provide fast and responsive service. Any issues regarding payout and missing fund transfer should be immediately solved for peace of mind.

Why You Should Play Mobile Slot?

Mobile slot competes with the big pool of mobile games produced by gaming studios and other mobile casino games. Evidently, approximately 32% of gamers worldwide spend up to 6 hours weekly on mobile games. Among the stiff competition, the mobile slot is still worth playing.

i. Mobile gambling

Thanks to mobile slots, the players no longer have to play only on PC. While they are away from PCs, they can continue gambling on slots via smartphones. Slots are one of the easily playable casino games on smartphones, due to the simple mechanics, unlike live casinos.

ii. Good payout

For consistency of payout, the players can choose regular slots. The frequency is higher but the amount is lesser. However, the repeated wins over time can slowly accumulate. In contrast, the player may also choose progressive slots whereby the payout is huge but the likelihood of winning is reduced.

iii. No skills needed

The mobile slot is a no-brainer game. The player just needs to hit spin, and stop to play. The rules of the game are relatively simple, and there’s no complex mechanics at work. This is unlike other games such as blackjack, poker, and baccarat in which the rules are more complicated.

iv. Affordable

In mobile slots, the player has control over adjustable paylines. At any instance, the player may activate one payline only. In addition, stakes are also adjustable. Therefore, the overall budget of mobile slots can be stretched further and consequently, the chance to win too.

How To Score Wins?

Although online slot games are a game of chance, even for best slots app real money, it is not impossible to influence the outcome. Despite the fact that Random Number Generator (RNG) primarily dictates the outcome, there are some strategies that may help to win.

1. Study the paytable

The paytable will show the list of winning combinations and potential payout. Before the player starts playing, the paytable should be studied to identify priority symbols. This can help to strategize when to stop spinning in order to hit a combination which pays more.

2. Practice free plays

For every new registration or seasonal promotion, free plays are offered to the players. This bonus will allow the player to play online slots free of charge. Ideally, the player should take this opportunity to practice and learn all mechanics of the game.

3. Choose regular slots

While progressive slots may offer a substantial amount of payout for the jackpot, the possibility of winning is low. Hence, if the player wants to have fun and don’t mind a lesser amount of money, they should consider regular slots. This is due to the higher frequency of payout which is rewarding for players seeking to recover losses.

4. Manage budget

Mobile slots operate 24/7 like a 7-11 convenience store. Every online casino thrives on the players’ losses, and on the opposite end, the player cannot conquer all games. Hence, the player should set a budget and follow it strictly. When the player starts losing badly, it’s time to quit.


a. Can you win money on phone slots?

Yes, it is possible to win real money on phone slots, for games that are created by reputable online casinos.

b. What slot apps pay real cash?

MEGA888, PT, JOKER, and 918kiss are some of the most popular slot apps which pay real cash. They can be downloaded from AW8.

c. How can I win mobile slots?

The best method to win mobile slots is to practice through free plays in order to understand how the game works. This is followed by studying the paytable and adjusting the paylines to create multi-paylines.

d. Which slot is best for Android?

MEGA888, PT, and JOKER are suitable for both new and experienced players. They are highly interactive and fun to play. More information can be found on AW8.

e. What is a mobile slot?

The mobile slot is a slot game that is optimized to be played on smartphones. They look very similar to actual slots seen in online casinos, and they are considered companion games for their PC counterparts.
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